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Getting Around Serbia by Car

You can buy excellent maps of Serbian roads on most petrol stations in Serbia. If you want to plan in advance, you can order a map online through our books and maps section. Whether you are in posession of a map of Serbian roads or not, due to the vast number of road works being performed, we suggest that you check the following online resources for your travel plannings:


Serbia covers about 18,000 km of primary roads (380 km motorways & 165 km of secondary highways). Roads in Serbia are bumpy but generally in a good state. Watch the road signs and adhere to the instructions. There are extensive works taking place throughout Serbia in both enhancing the quality of the existing roads as well as extending the road network.


Traffic drives on the right. Road signs may be poorly marked and new signs are likely to be in Cyrillic script in some areas of the country. If carrying a GPS navigation system ensure that you have Serbian or Balkan maps installed. The speed limit is 50km/h in towns and villages, 80km/h on main roads and 120km/hr on highways. You're allowed to have an alcohol rate of 0.5 promille - equivalent to one glass of alcoholic drink. Be aware that the main highways charge toll. Driving at night is not advisable except on major highways, due to poor conditions and marking of the roads.

Car Rental

We have a separate page dedicated to car hire in Serbia


Full national driving licence is accepted. No customs documents are required but car log books and a Green Card are necessary. Third party insurance can be taken out at the border when travelling to Kosovo.


In case of emergency you can call the following numbers:
  • Police: 92 (+381-11-92)
  • Ambulance: 94 (+381-11-94)
  • Road Assistance: 987 (+381-11-987)

Road Help and Assistance

AMSS (Automobile and Motorists Association of Serbia) information system and AMSS info-centers operate round the clock providing actual traffic and tourist information to the public in general. International touring-information and assistance system consists of national automotive clubs and their infrastructure. Pre-defined and standardized aspects of assistance, include the palette of more than a hundred various services, are rendered: information for journey preparations, technical assistance, spare parts acquisition, damaged vehicles transportation and towage; medical, legal and financial assistance in case of an accident, etc. AMSS information on road and traffic in Serbia are forwarded daily to European automobile clubs. Also, traffic information and other information on touring for motorists can be obtained from AMSS International Alarm and Information Center by phone, daily from 0-24 hours on +381 11 987.

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